Ian Sajkowicz currently designs and develops websites for clients. You can review his prior work on Upwork.

He has most recently produced a website for a company providing trustee support in the UK.

He has also produced a collection of websites for a client: CiderniksGroupniksSkiniks, and Consultniks.


He is happy to assist local businesses in Connecticut, specifically those in New London county. He’s especially eager to help businesses in Quaker Hill, and by extension, Waterford, since he grew up there!

Ian has worked with WordPress, a website building platform of sorts, since he discovered it in college. As a web assistant for both UConn’s Literatures, Cultures, and Languages department and UConn’s Pesticide Safety Education program, Ian developed his web design and development abilities.

You may be thinking, “Great, another website developer that just blends in with the rest.” What differentiates Ian, then, from others?


He graduated with a computer science and engineering degree, and he minored in mathematics from UConn. Although he majored in computer science and engineering, he prefers working more with software than hardware; his early introduction to programming likely had a role in this preference.

He has completed custom WordPress plugin work for his clients’ websites. For example, he modified an existing Availability Calendar plugin to allow one of his clients to display multiple calendars that list prices for multiple ski resort apartments.

He volunteers on the WordPress support forums and has resolved multiple technical issues for those seeking help. Ian recognizes that volunteering is a mutually beneficial situation for all involved: those who need help have their problems solved and those who help further develop their skills. He has, additionally, volunteered with the Taproot Plus platform.

Feel free to reach out to Ian for any website work you have in mind, big or small.

Ian brings his best to ensure his clients’ satisfaction!

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