Review Ian's Previously Completed Projects

Participated in ICE Club

The ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Engineering) club worked on the SeaPerch project in the Spring of 2015. The federal government provided kits that were used to create aquatic robotic vehicles that operated based on user-input. All group members gained invaluable experience in essential engineering skills, such as soldering and operating electric drills. The group also participated in a TSA (Technology Student Association) competition that took place at Killingly High School that same year. ICE club members aided the competition through judging events that required additional moderators.

Recreated Pokemon Gold in Java

In UConn's "Introduction to Software Engineering" class, we learned the issues that came with collaborative programming. To help us in applying the concepts we learned, we formed groups of approximately four students and were given the opportunity to develop anything of our choice. Our group decided to recreate a video game, Pokemon Gold, using Java. I was responsible for the audio portion; in the process of creating the game, I learned more about parallel processing with threads and the various libraries needed to implement audio using the clip interface. Additionally, we were introduced to important programming tools, such as repositories and profiling tools. Overall, this class was excellent in providing additional programming experience, indispensable tools, and an introduction in collaborative coding. Take a look at the GitHub repository page and try running the JAR file.

Improved Design for Company Website

I worked with Absolutely Amazing Travel, a travel agency, and created a new company website. I produced the new website using Squarespace, consolidating information on multiple company websites. In the process of creating the website, I learned elements of good web design, and more broadly, good design. Although I did not have the opportunity to finish transferring the content from the old website, I did provide the groundwork for a more modern and aesthetically pleasing website that will ultimately attract more customers. Visit their website to see what I did (the landing page is one of the few pages that has not been heavily modified since I migrated the site.)

Completed UConn Senior Design Project

I worked with fellow UConn students on a senior design project: all UConn engineering students must complete a senior design project prior to graduation. We developed a solution for CGI (Consultants to Government and Industries) that automates test development. Our solution relied on natural language processing in order to do this. I can provide additional details, if you would like to learn more; simply contact me through e-mail.